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... I absolutely love your book [Everest is Hollow] ... I think my little brother and I are the biggest fans ever! ... Some of the reasons we love the book is the fact that my brother and I love action and adventure ... I think the writing you do is wonderful.

– Haley, 6th grader, Colorado


Haley and her "little" brother Cole

photo is © Jeff K., their father

What did we like about Everest is Hollow?


Well, some of the more vivid scenes were the "bakery" -- that still grosses me out, but my two sons giggle with delight reminding me in detail what transpired there. The chase through the city was also exciting. The suspense and fast pace kept us reading, hurriedly turning pages to find out what happens. We all developed a soft spot for the grandfather. I thought the rise up the library tower was fantastic. It sounded beautiful and fascinating for anyone in love with books as we are.


I appreciated that the story was written and edited so tightly. Too much wood pulp is wasted on poorly told stories, much too shallow to hold interest. Put a well written and edited book in a child's hands and chances are, they'll consider reading more fun than a chore.


As Chris (11) finished reading the book, he immediately asked when the next one is coming out. He had vision issues for several years, just the time when children develop their reading and writing skills. He successfully completed physical therapy for the vision issues.  However, he still found reading an unpleasant endeavor. The idea that he demanded the next book in a series showed he'd overcome his challenges and reads simply for enjoyment, something that simply wasn't possible prior to addressing his vision problem.


 – Barbara Heen, Minnesota

Ryan said that he just loved everything about Everest is Hollow. It is full of action and adventure and he couldn't wait to see what discoveries Trouble and his friends were going to make next. Some of the discoveries were things thought to be extinct or myths and Ryan thought that was really cool. We used the questions on the website [Learning Center] and looked at some of the real things used in the book. Even the idea that the mountain was hollow and held a hidden world was exciting. Ryan is a very inquisitive child and he just couldn't stop reading this book!


We will be waiting anxiously for the release of the next book! - Ryan and Joanna McKinley

Wow! Just finished Everest Is Hollow and … I loved the book. What a great story. And … What a great way to fund raise for charity. I'm impressed, and inspired by your work!

– Maridee Broadfoot, California

Everest is Hollow was a gift (it was the paperback version).

 I've always been an avid reader and an action/adventure junkie.


Everest is Hollow had wonderful characters, well developed, a flowing storyline, and it left me wanting to know more about future adventures with the three leading characters of the story. I'm a senior citizen, but I truly enjoyed the book. – Denise Smith