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Send us a email at if you’d like to be notified when The Demon’s Nose is available for purchase. Sadly, that probably won’t be until mid-2013.


This year, The Demon’s Nose will transition from its design stage to writing a first draft. We’re sorry for the delay in publishing Trouble's third episode. Our website had to undergo a forced migration to a new web hosting site — and along with that, we had to learn and use a new suite of tools to create the site. Hopefully, that drain on our time and resources is behind us and we can now focus on creating new titles.


Here is a synopsis for The Demon’s Nose —

Trouble is a boy adventurer who travels to exotic locations. In The Demon’s Nose, he goes to Monaco, a gathering place for rich celebrities and powerful criminals.


In Monaco, a Russian mafia boss is financing competing teams, fighting each other for the Demon’s Nose. It’s an ancient relic, used to control the almost infinite power of a black hole.


Trouble joins the hunt for a dangerous treasure. The search isn’t easy. Trouble is watched using sophisticated electronics, arrested as a thief and sabotaged by rivals.


From a two hundred mile-per-hour Formula One race to parachuting off a prison fortress, Trouble and his friends are risking their lives.


On the run, they outwit enemies, find clues and solve mysteries in a non-stop action thriller.


This slideshow is a preview of some illustrations from The Demon’s Nose —