Buy one of our books and a life is saved.

We donate our proceeds to Doctors Without Borders,

The American Red Cross and Second Harvest Food Bank.



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About Us …  


Silicon Valley Novel is a small publisher with a big heart, donating its proceeds to charities like Doctors Without Borders and Second Harvest Food Banks. Each book sold saves a life, buying food for poor American families and medicine for people in underprivileged countries. Doctors Without Borders won the 1999 Nobel Peace Prize. Their work assists people in 60 nations across the globe, from New Orleans (Hurricane Katrina) to Gaza Strip refugee camps.


—   We thank J.K. Rowling, author of the mega-bestselling Harry Potter series, for pairing Everest is Hollow with her Holiday Season release of The Tales of Beedle the Bard. She had many titles to select from and we were very honored that she chose Everest is Hollow.

— chose our Young Adult adventure novel, Everest is Hollow, as one of the top ten books kids would love as a gift.

—   We count Craig Newmark, founder of “Craig's List,” as one of our fans and thank him for mentioning us in his blogs.

—   France Magazine admired our thriller, Trap, saying “If you like fast-paced mystery novels, then you’ll love this unique tale about an American Interpol agent stationed in the Montmartre neighborhood of Paris.”

—   Wire is a funny, scary thriller with a triple twist ending.

—   Satan’s Touch is a spy thriller told in alternating chapters from the viewpoints of the villain and his pursuer.

—   Down and Out in Silicon Valley is a warm, topical comedy. The novel’s a head-on collision between Saturday Night Live and Facebook. Down and Out in Silicon Valley was voted “best written novel” by a panel of judges screening titles from small publishers. Their reasons included the book’s prose style and witty dialogue.

—   Our books have been Amazon Kindle bestsellers and are also available in traditional book format.

—   Titles are designed using the storyboard technique pioneered at Disney Studios and now used at Pixar for modern full-length animation films.  Many of the storyboard visuals can be seen on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When and how was Silicon Valley Novel formed?


A: Silicon Valley Novel started in 2008. We’re a fresh start-up with a different focus. Silicon Valley Novel is helping the world one book at a time. Our proceeds are donated to charity.


Q: What percentage of proceeds from each book goes to charity?


A: Every dollar made from book sales is sent to non-profits. No one at Silicon Valley Novel gets rich. No one gets famous. But many lives are saved and that’s what counts. We help the world through Doctors Without Borders, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for providing medical care to the underprivileged in countries across the globe. We support America through the Red Cross. We assist our community through Second Harvest Food Bank.


Q: Do you have a mission statement?


A: Our goal is to be 21st century storytellers, blending images and video with text so our fictional story becomes a portal to learning about the real world in a rich, multimedia experience.


But our mission only begins with storytelling. Our focus has several additional facets –


       ·     Improve our world by assisting those in need


       ·    Increase literacy by intriguing reluctant readers


       ·    Entice children to learn science and make them aware of other cultures


       ·    Emphasize storytelling and clarity in our books 



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